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Imagine if getting your 5-a-day could be as simple as breathing. Imagine no longer! The lovely guys of Bompas & Parr (aka the Jellymongers) bring you….The Ziggurat of Flavour, an inhabitable pyramid installation containing a cloud of breathable Fairtrade fruit. Sitting on top of the hills overlooking the Big Chill festival this year, it’s going to be a fantastic addition to their already well set (geddit?) reputations in both culinary and artistic worlds. Their fine English jellies (including that infamous example containing a ‘speck’ of Princess Diana’s hair, bought from a US eBay dealer) and bespoke jelly moulds are just tinchy examples of their work. Their projects often operate in the space between food and architecture, exploring how the taste of food is influenced by synaesthesia and setting.

Food should always be shared – a picnic at the park, around a table, on the beach, in the garden…why not in a gigantic pyramid? Taste could never be a more communal thing, spatialised in the Ziggurat of Flavour as a public realm, scaled up from bodily interior to building interior. Fruit will become architecture – an immersive, habitable environment.

Bompas & Parr has already worked with leading architects including Lord Foster, Will Alsop and Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners to design jelly moulds. Heston Blumenthal used their jellying expertise for his television series Feast and they created Alcoholic Architecture – a walk-in cloud of breathable gin and tonic. I bloody love a good G&T – a cloud of it enveloping me? It’s almost too much happiness to bear….ah, gin….

Now back to the almighty Ziggurat: After negotiating the misty labyrinth of vaporised fruit, Big Chillers will emerge onto a slide at the top of the huge structure. Now, I won’t even pretend to be a scientist when it comes to the next bit, but according to the guys in the know, as you slide down your kinetic energy compounds the fruit cloud, making it denser. Always listen to a doctor though, when he tells you to eat them apples. Cue Dr Oliver Firth of the Centre for Altitude Space and Extreme Environment:

“The ingenious method of vaporisation employed by the Ziggurat should create a fruit-saturated atmosphere, and anyone breathing it will likely absorb a significant quantity via their respiratory tract. How much will clearly depend on the time spent breathing in the fruit vapour, as well as on variations in individual lung performance. However, the absence of heat treatment means that the vitamin content and nutritional benefits of the fruit are likely to be preserved, and hence this method of delivery could potentially contribute to an individual’s 5-a-day quota.” Sounds good to me.

If you’ve got a fruitphobe on your hands, or a kid who’s not eating their greens (take the whole family!), there are probably some considerably better things you could do than take them to a music festival….but, with the Ziggurat of Flavour on the horizon, you could do a hell of a lot worse.

Image: Ziggurat of Flavour (c) Dan Price

Top image: Jelly St. Paul’s Cathedral by Bompas & Parr


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